Leo Brennauer

Leo Brennauer

Portfolio and internship application | L.A.

Portfolio and internship application | L.A.

Selected pieces


  • Composed, Orchestrated, Produced, Conducted
  • Recorded @ Budapest Scoring Orchestra & ZHdK

"Locus Finale" is my first piece that was actually recorded with a real 60 piece orchestra. It's a soundtrack suite I wrote for the short movie "Remove hind legs before consumption" which I scored earlier in 2022. The piece contains classical orchestra-sounds and blends them with gentle synth sounds created with my MOOG Grandmother. The piece tells the journey of a small, brave, albeit tender grasshopper named "Locus".


  • Composed, Produced, Mixed
  • Recorded @ ZHdK - Remotesession

For this piece, I decided to only go with one recorded Instrument: The Flute. What you hear is a double bass flute, processed in various ways, as well as an 808 drum machine.


  • Composed, Mixed
  • Recorded @ ZHdK

This piece was written for my cousin. Muriel was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2021 and had to endure many chemotherapy treatments as a result. When I wrote this song, she had just finished her 17th therapy and was diagnosed with lung spread. I wrote this song in hopes of giving her hope for a speedy recovery and dancing along to this waltzer soon. Now, months later, to all of our relief, Muriel is doing much better.

Jessica Jones Intro

  • Arranged, Produced, Mixed
  • Recorded @ ZHdK

With this piece, I wanted to use the 5-horns brass band in an unconventionell way. I edited the brass with quite some effects and made them fit together with the sounds of my Moog-Synthesizer.

Skills for interning /assist

Technical Skills

  • Piano, drums, recorder and guitar
  • Scoring for film and media
  • Engineering (Studio- & Mix-Session preperation, recording, editing, mixing)
  • DAW editing, producing
  • Workflow enhancement
    lemur, touchosc, expressionmaps, keymakros, autohotkey
  • Scorewriting, -reading, -analysis
  • Filmmaking (filming, editing)


  • Cubase, ProTools, Studio One, Ableton Live, DP

  • Kontakt, Dorico, Sibelius, Lemur, Max, many VIs & VSTs

  • Adobe Premiere, Photoshop

  • Autohotkey

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Ppt, Excel VBA)

  • WordPress

  • Google Suite

Text me when you're home

  • Composed, Orchestrated, Produced
  • Recorded @ ZHdK

The orchestra in this piece was recorded doing various contemporary playing techniques, mostly leaded improvisation to picture using streamer and punches. The main instrument and effect-machine is a 50+ year old Bavarian zither edited and played in unique ways.

This snippet is part of the film score I did for the animation-short "Text me when youre home" in 2022 by Noa Dahlheimer.

Exercube Trailer

  • Composed, Produced, Mixed
  • Recorded @ Home
The Trailer for the Exercube League was (due to tight deadline) scored and produced only with samples and synthesizers.


  • Composed, Produced, Mixed
  • Recorded @ ZHdK - Remotesession

Another semester, another great studio session. This time, I composed, arranged and mixed a 4 horn section (trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone). They played together with a jazz-ensemble consisting of drum, bass and piano. The studio took place via zoom, which was ok. I'd still prefer beeing there.


  • Composed, Mixed
  • Recorded @ ZHdK - Remotesession

This is one of my first classical pieces only written for performance.

The Doldensee is a small lake close to my hometown Peiting, where I used to swim almost every week during summer. We even filmed the music video for our band Rigoros on and in this lake.


  • Composed, Produced, Mixed
  • Recorded @ ZHdK & Home-Studio

Beyond Webseries - Trailer

  • Composed, Mixed
  • Recorded @ Home-Studio


  • Arranged, Played
  • Recorded @ Home-Studio

MELODIE - Rigoros (my former band)

  • Composed, Arranged, Produced
  • Recorded @ Superphonic & Alex Maschke


 I’m Leo Brennauer, a composer and musician from germany, studying composition for film, theatre and media at the Zurich University of Arts, currently living close to Santa Monica (Los Angeles / USA).

I compose, play the piano, drums, recorder, percussion and guitar. My musical interests are varried and diverse. I have played in rock bands, a jazz ensemble, church ensembles, and other pop bands. Furthermore I played percussion in a humber of symphonic string- and brass-orchestras.

Before returning to school to study composition, I did an aprenticeship and worked full time in a musical instrument store and also worked part-time in a studio for several years. Afterwards, I did my Bachelor Profesional of Trade and Commerce (CCI). My one year study in percussion rock pop jazz ultimately led me to my current studies.

Besides my musical interests, I love beeing in nature: Running, cycling, mountain climbing, ski touring, scuba diving, playing tennis, backpacking, camping and many other nice things. As another hobby I like to cook, film, program websites or sometimes build things out of wood and metal in the workshop.



  • 2022 | Lichtfestival | Luzern
  • 2022 | Remove hind legs before consumption | Finn Meisner, Leslie Herzig & Lukas Wind | Shortfilm
  • 2022 | Text me when you’re home | Nora Dahlheim, Joanna Lang | Shortfilm
  • 2022 | Hold me tight | Natasha Sebben | Videogame
  • 2021 | Menschenpflanzen | Angelika Federer | Shortfilm
  • 2021 | Beyond Webseries | Lia Studerer, Lucie Bachmann | Series
  • 2021 | Lichtfestival Luzern | Shortfilm
  • 2021 | Turned On | Sabine Burchhard | Shortfilm
  • 2020 | Gigeria | Pascal Felber | Game (Bachelor Project)
  • 2020 | Grossstadtdschungel | Shortfilm (Bachelor Project)
  • 2020 | Asteroid | HSLU | Advertisement
  • 2020 | ExerCube League | Trailer
  • 2019 | Nachtrausch | Shortfilm
  • 2019 | Jagdzeit | Trailer
  • 2018 | Oman Offroad | Trailer

Other Credits / Experience

  • 2021 | Von Edvard, Iselin und dem Regen | Theatre
  • 2021 | Argile Argile | Pop-Song
  • 2019 | Tardiki | Pop-Song
  • 2019 | Johannes | Pop-Song
  • 2017 | Pop-Songs (Ghostwriter)
  • 2015-2019 | Rigoros | Multiple Pop-Songs
  • Live-Bands (Piano, Drums, Flute)
  • Orchestras (Percussion, Drums)
  • 2012-2019 | Salesmen @ Musicshop (Kirstein)

Contact & Links

E-Mail: leo.brennauer@gmail.com
Phone: +1 (442) 568 9822 or +41 78 34 34 566