Leo Brennauer

Composer for film and media

I’m Leo Brennauer a musician/composer from Germany, currently based in Zurich, studying composing for film, theatre and media at Zurich University of Arts.

Whether you’re searching for original music for your next project or you’re just interested in what I’m doing — that’s the right place to be.

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Music for media:

2018 – „Oman Offroad“ – Trailer
2019 – „Jagdzeit“ – Trailer
2020 – „Nachtrausch“ – Animation Shortmovie
2020 – „Fittech ESports“ – Trailer
2020 – „Grossstadtdschungel“ – Animation
2020 – „Gameproject“ – by Pascal Felber

Other projects:

2009-2019 – YouTube Channel (P,AE)
2014-2019 – „Rigoros“ – AlbumProductions (C,P,AE)
2019 – „Vollgerät“ – SingleProduction (C,P)
2019 – „Raed Hamoudh“ – SingleProduction (C,P,AE)
2019 – „Johannes“ – SingleProduction (P,AE)


Composer (C), Producer, (P) AudioEngineer (AE)


Composing music for:

Movies, trailer, games, adverts, bands, solo, audiobooks, theatre, etc.


 Indie, Contemporary, Electronic Ambient, Pop, HipHop, Urban, Nature, Rock, Medival, Folk, Classical, OST, Trailer, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Experimental, World, Orchestral


Original Music, Mockups, Sheet, Recordings, Library Music



I’m Leo Brennauer, born 1994 – a musician/composer and producer based in zurich (CH).

Im currently studying composition for film, theater, and media at Zurich University of Art. I compose, play the piano, drums, recorder, percussion and guitar. My musical background has been shaped by the different musical groups with whom I played, written, produced and recorded: Rock band, a jazz ensemble, church ensembles, and other pop bands. Furthermore, I played percussion in a number of symphonic string- and brass-orchestras. I love to experiment with instruments, technology, sampling and am always searching for fresh new sounds.

+ Percussions, Rythms, Production, Melodys



– Neumann KH 80 DSP
– Neumann KH 750 DSP
– Apollo Twin USB
– Telefunken M60 FET
– Rode K2
– Shure SM58
– EV Dynamic Microphone
– AKG K712
– Midi-Controler/Keyboard


– Yamaha P515
– Acoustic Guitar
– Electric guitar
– Conga
– Cajon
– Tenor/Alto Recorder
– Melodica
– Percussions
– Various small instruments


– Cubase
– Dorico
– Sibelius
– Sonarworks Reference
– Lexikon
– Waves
– FabFilter
– Izotope
– Valhalla
– Virtual Sound Stage
– Eventide

Virtual Instruments:

– Spitfire Symphonic Strings
– Spitfire Albion One
– Spitfire BBCSO
– Cinematic Studio Brass
– Keyscape
– Native Instruments
– Best Service Forrest Kingdom
– Best Service Ethno World




Mail: leo.brennauer (at) gmail.com

Phone Swiss: +41 78 34 34 566

Phone Germany: +49 15678 341 556

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leobrennauer/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leobrennauer

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/LeoBrennauer



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